FAQ page to find answers to commonly asked questions about Notum.

What is Notum and how do we work?

Notum is a platform that aggregates top-performing DeFi strategies, enabling users to optimize their asset deposits across various liquidity pools. Platform identifies the most efficient and cheapest route for users to deposit any asset into a chosen liquidity pool.

What fees do I pay on Notum?

On Notum, users incur network fees and provider fees associated with their transactions. Additionally, there may be service fees.

Is it secure to use Notum?

While Notum does not have any smart contracts that require third-party audits, we uphold high security standards. We require all our providers to have several audits before being added to the platform. This ensures that users' transactions are processed securely and reliably.

Is my profit guaranteed?

No, we do not guarantee any profit. Notum is just and interface used to simplify the process of managing DeFi assets. We do not endorse any protocols displayed on the platform.

Are there any audits?

Yes, all providers featured on the Notum platform undergo thorough audits. These audits validate the integrity and security of each provider to ensure robustness and reliability.

What providers Notum uses?

Notum partners with trusted providers like Li.Fi, Enso, OpenOcean, and Odos to ensure a safe and cost-effective investment experience on the platform.

Who are providers?

Providers are third-parties that process transactions. We use providers to find the best route for your deposit while ensuring the security of your funds.

How can I withdraw my funds?

Withdrawing funds on Notum is simple and straightforward. Users can navigate to the pool page on the platform, select the withdrawal option, and specify the desired asset and amount.

In the event of any difficulties, users can also access the official protocol page to complete their withdrawals seamlessly.

How can I invest my funds?

To invest your funds, select a pool you want to deposit in, choose the asset, and process the transaction.

What is the minimum and maximum amount to deposit and withdraw?

There are no explicit limits on deposits and withdrawals, but occasional transaction challenges may arise due to network congestion or liquidity constraints.

What is the expected return or APY?

APY varies with market fluctuations. Users should monitor real-time data for accurate expectations, accessible through our platform's analytics section or trusted DeFi data aggregators.

What risks are associated with investing in this DeFi pool?

Risks include smart contract vulnerabilities, impermanent loss, regulatory uncertainty, and market volatility. Users should conduct due diligence and diversify investments.

How often are rewards distributed, and in what form (tokens, stablecoins, etc.)?

Rewards vary in frequency and form, distributed periodically as additional tokens, or an increase in the base asset. Details are available on our platform or protocol documentation.

Can I withdraw my funds at any time, or are there lock-up periods?

Most pools allow flexible withdrawals without lock-up periods. Review pool terms for specific withdrawal policies, accessible through our platform or support team.

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