What Problems Do We Solve?

Notum's main goal is to simplify the investing process for investors that want to maximize their return on their cryptocurrencies. Here are the ways how we help to achieve that.

Before engaging in investments across multiple pools, several preparatory steps are typically required. In general, pools ask for the deposit of tokens into a pool or vault to kickstart the investment process. As a result, users have to initially obtain these tokens by exchanging their assets and paying network and provider fees in the process. Subsequently, users are also compelled to approve all tokens intended for deposit in the strategy before actual investment, which can again involve network fees.

Notum aims to streamline this procedure and allow you to invest in any strategy using any tokens you own.

Notum aims to consolidate all information on available DeFi investments in the EVM space onto one user-friendly platform. There is no need for switching between multiple platforms to compare yields and rates and then navigate through various protocols and contend with the complexities of investing. It's all brought together in one place.

By implementing risk assessment, Notum strives to create a more user-friendly environment for the DeFi market. We are confident that by simplifying the complex DeFi schemes and protocols functionality into easy-to-grasp components, we can encourage more people to adopt DeFi opportunities on a larger scale. This will result in a higher number of individuals prepared to embrace and utilize DeFi services, thus the future of finance.

Profit and Loss Feature [Launching Q1 2024]

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