The functionality of the Notum 'Portfolio' saves you time from looking through multiple apps and platforms or changing between them to see all the vital data right in your wallet. It helps you easily


Thanks to the 'Portfolio' feature, investors can effortlessly explore their asset balances, investment positions across various protocols, and wallet-related transaction history. This can be done by either connecting your wallet or using a watch-only mode within the platform.

The 'Portfolio' function harnesses data from multiple sources to provide users with an accurate and real-time representation of their on-chain balances, encompassing both the balances within their wallet and those deposited in other protocols. Notum support extends to visualizing a multitude of protocols and assets, spanning highly popular EVM chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and many others.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the 'Overview' page on the Notum app;

  2. Connect your wallet to the platform, or insert the address you want to inspect;

  3. After a particular wallet was selected, you will find the information on the wallet holdings. The assets that are kept in the wallet will be displayed in a list;

  4. Investments will be displayed under the table and will be linked with the protocol, where they are deposited.

  5. On the top right corner, you can manage your wallets. By clicking on the 'Add a Wallet' button, you can add more than one wallet to the platform and switch between them. Additionally, you can add a wallet to your watchlist, to keep track of those that you frequently visit.

  6. By scrolling down you can find all the positions where a user has deposited assets.

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